Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo

Juan Castillo

Here s my deal. I was born June 5, in Cuenca- Ecuador, then later moved to Quito and finally moved to Orlando - Florida in July of 1999. I
was scared when I moved since my “dear ex-president of Ecuador Fabian Alarcón ” made me, I had to do it. Maybe that s why he (Alarcón)
is my “life enemy”.

Went to in La Salle High School, where I wouldstand out in pissing off the teachers for my behavior, also for being a good student at the
same time. Maybe that s why every teacher hated me. I played soccer, basketball, ping pong and guitar and I have to say I sucked!. After
that I learned that my way is in the class room.

Graduated with honors and went to Universidad del Azuay for 3 years for Business Administration. What a place that was, ufffff. The campus
was 1 km big with 800 females for parties every night, very sweet. Can someone please explain why now that is over? I think I pissed them
off too. Maybe that s why every girl in the town hated me.

Got into radio La Mega 88.7fm in 2002 when I created Nativo Rock because I was tired of hearing Latin-tropical rhythms (salsa, merengue
and bachata) that I do NOT enjoy and I was ready to give alternative music options for my Spanish “panas” in Orlando.

The show becoming a successful and in the 3rdseason the Nativo Rock team was Erika Raven, Juan Franco and Hector Patty.

Now for the 4th season we moved to Radio Melodía 104.3 fm and the new members are Jhanny Pippen and Hector Patty.

Now my life goes between Colombia, Orlando and Ecuador doing what I like it, and enjoying with my family, yeah I am married now and
for ever!

And bam! here we are

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